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Who we are
Why TaxModel? ”Tax” because this is our playground and "Model" because we like to model around key tax workflows and, to the extent repetitive, translate into new software tools.

TaxModel approaches tax from our clients' global business and financial perspective and assists them with building transparent, consistent and robust tax work process flows and tax output. We combine advisory services with automated solutions that can deal with global tax complexities with clear audit trails to local tax rules.
Career Opportunities
At TaxModel we have several career opportunities available. We strive to find just the right people to add to our ever expanding team.
  • Software Developer (C# / ASP>NET MVC)
  • TaxModel Internship and Graduation Projects
Software Developer (C# / ASP>NET MVC)
For the expansion of our IT team we are looking for an enthusiastic software developer. Within our team you will be responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of our software suite. You will work in a multi-disciplinary team, which will guide you in your development and help you develop your professional skills. You will work directly with the end-users of our software. Within your role you will be responsible for drafting functional designs, technical specifications and schedules.

  • Are in possession of a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Software Engineering
  • Have a broad knowledge of C#, ASP.NET and SQL server or similar languages
  • Have experience in using Javascript/Typescript, CSS and HTML (knowledge of jQuery is a plus)
  • Have affinity with the development of web applications
  • Have good command of the English language
  • Are a real team player
  • Have affinity with numbers and financial concepts
  • Have experience or are willing to gain experience working in a fast paced environment
  • Are a perfectionist, but also able to work on the grand scheme of things
  • Are analytical and not hesitant to ask questions
  • Are able to work independently, but are also a team player

We offer:
  • A market-based salary
  • A nice work environment
  • A no-nonsense approach
  • Getting to your full potential as a software developer

If you, as a starting developer or developer looking for a new challenge, want to further develop yourself, this role may be the next step for you!

Please contact us at info@tax-model.com for more information.
TaxModel Internship and Graduation Projects
1 About TaxModel
TaxModel is a professional services firm, aiming at standardizing and improving tax work process flows. Our approach is based on the concept that tax processes should be an integrated part of the overall business and financial processes and strategy of a multinational. We channel financial and tax knowledge through automated solutions into our client's day-to-day financial and business environment.
2 About our ICT department
Within Tax Model we have a skilled development team which is responsible for the development of software to support our, and our customer’s, tax processes. Our development team allows young professionals to perform their internship at TaxModel ICT and gain experience as software developer.
TaxModel works together with various education institutes to offer internships and graduation projects and is experienced in supporting and assisting interns during their internship/graduation. Our interns describe their internship/graduation as an educational and positive experience.
3 Your internship
During your internship you will work with the latest techniques and principles. We will challenge you to step up and work together with us to reach the next level in your and our development.
Within TaxModel we offer a wide range of ICT internships on various projects. We aim to find and tailor our projects to the needs, competences and knowledge of the intern, since we strongly believe in the capabilities of future software engineers.

At this moment we are planning the development of several software solutions:
  • 1. TaxModel data visualization
    • In this project you will work together with our team of tax consultants and information analysists to gather information from our various systems and visualize them for our clients in a state of the art application.
    • Keywords: Data analysis, visualization
  • 2. TaxModel organization tooling
    • In this project you will build a solution to easily map the structure and implementation of an organization. The solution will heavily rely on analysis and display of information.
    • Keywords: Frontend, visualization, charting
  • 3. TaxModel suite integration
    • In this project you will investigate options to integrate our various software suites to allow users to easily switch between our products and to integrate and exchange data between the application.
    • Keywords: Data analysis, usability
  • 4. TaxModel management fees
    • In this project you will work together with our tax consultants to implement a solution for the calculation and implementation of international management fees within organizations.
    • Keywords: Backend, calculations
  • 5. Art and taxes
    • In this project you will investigate the options to integrate “art” in our products. We want to work on options for artists to share their art through our products to gain exposure and for us to give our software a nice touch.
    • Keywords: Frontend, graphical, out-of-the-box
  • 6. ERP dashboard
    • In this project you will implement a system to communicate with and gather data from various ERP systems. This system will focus on combining data from the various systems and expose them through a single interface with analysis options.
    • Keywords: System integration, data analysis, visualization
  • 7. RTP deepening
    • In this project you will create a software solution to support our TaxProof software in the gathering of relevant information for our Return to Provision calculations. This new software will retrieve the data from various sources and will ask local controllers to provide us with their data.
    • Keywords: Backend, calculations

We keep innovating and would also like to hear ideas from students regarding possible projects. We therefore invite you to come over for an introduction chat in which we can explore the possibilities with respect to your wishes and our visions! We believe strongly that we are able to provide a suitable project for most students.

Please contact us at info@tax-model.com for more information.
Standardizing Tax processesHands-on, High Value and Affordable Services
  • BDO and TaxProof combine their strength
  • TaxModel Office Opening on the 10th of December
  • TaxModel presents their second Tax Reporting Masterclass at Nyenrode
  • TaxModel finalizes functional requirements TaxInterco
  • TaxModel finalizes the development of TaxStructure
BDO and TaxProof combine their strength
In 2015 TaxModel presented its software solutions to the board of BDO Netherlands.
We are now very excited to announce that BDO Netherlands decided to aquire twenty software licenses for five of its main offices in the Netherlands (Amstelveen, Rotterdam, Alphen, Utrecht and Eindhoven).
TaxModel Office Opening on the 10th of December
We are proud to announce the 10 years anniversary of TaxModel and to celebrate the opening of our new office in 'S Hertogenbosch!
TaxModel presents their second Tax Reporting Masterclass at Nyenrode
In November 2015 we organised for the second time the Masterclass "Reconciliatie van belasting posities, computer model casus".
TaxModel finalizes functional requirements TaxInterco
In 2015 TaxModel started the development of TaxInterco, to be released to the market in Q2 of 2016.

TaxInterco will be build focusing on key transfer pricing workflows that we have identified during our in-house day-to-day transfer pricing activities. At the end of last year, our transfer pricing team members have finished the functional requirements for the IT team to start the development work.

TaxInterco is aiming to provide companies with a full-fledged transfer pricing solution, including:

  • Insight in current intercompany flows
  • Graphical interfaces for group legal charts, value chain and supply chain
  • A documentation wizard for building Masterfiles and quick extraction of country files
  • Creation of what-if optimization scenarios
  • Financial (impact) analyses and split P&L functions
  • Ensuring compliance through preparing and storing documentation & audit trails

We will keep you updated on the status of the development work in this regard.
TaxModel finalizes the development of TaxStructure
In 2015 TaxModel has developed TaxStructure and should be released in Q1 2016.
TaxStructure focuses on creating company structures and archiving know your costumer (KYC) data, will become the central data source for most solutions within the TaxModel suite.
Easy and efficient Transparency and Openness
Tax Software Solutions
Tax software solutions from TaxModel deals with the tax content in an efficient and transparent way. This means that, as soon as we identify tax work with major repeat elements, TaxModel's IT Team starts to develop new innovating Tax software to make our customers’ and our own tax work much easier, efficient and transparent!
Tax Accounting Software Solution: TaxProof
In order to build this Tax accounting software solution TaxModel uses its extensive tax software knowledge, combined with the unique tax accounting expertise of several other parties within our network.
Effective and efficient tax accounting software is what we believe we are able to offer to MNE ranging from small to large cap., i.e. a solution:
  • Modular, web-enabled tax accounting tool
  • Tax accounting software that is standard and affordable by avoiding costly customized interfacing solutions
  • Tax accounting software which does not require ICT involvement with regard to implementation, except for set-up server environment
  • Easy to understand and to operate
  • MNE group finance departments have to enforce, time manage and monitor local and group tax accounting compliance
  • Integrating key fundamentals of internationally accepted accounting standards, i.e. both IFRS and US Gaap
  • Finance and tax professionals are meant to use this
  • Full tax reporting process consisting of three modules: TaxPack, TaxConsolidation and TaxFootnote
  • Preparing and reviewing of local tax packs, including audit trail functions
  • Group tax consolidation can be created and reviewed, including audit trail functions
  • Tax footnote can be created that is to be included in the company's financial statements
  • In order to present in smart and graphical formats to various stakeholders (e.g. CFO, auditors, investors, tax authorities etc.)
  • Audit Trails can be fully created by preparers and reviewers, giving possibilities to add comments and attachments
TaxPlanning Software Solution: TaxForecast
With TaxForecast, TaxModel is offering a tax planning tool, i.e. a standard software system:
  • That provides users with a modular, web-enabled tax forecasting tool
  • Very suitable to be used for monitoring in the daily tax practice and/or for quick scans in the M&A environment (e.g. due diligence preparation and post-merger integration checks)
  • Meant to be used by tax professionals, i.e. tax advisors as well as tax directors
  • For preparing a quick and transparent outline of the actual tax position
  • To forecast the tax position going forward
  • For fast creation of "what-if" scenarios and analysis of the impact
  • In order to present in smart and graphical formats to various stakeholders (e.g. CFO, auditors, investors, tax authorities etc.)
  • That allows creating full audit trails
TaxManagement is a full dashboard and graphical interface for disclosing your tax data in an “out-of-the-box” perspective for easy overviews, insights and trends, for quick decision making and taking.
TaxStructure focuses on creating company structures and archiving know your costumer (KYC) data, will become the central data source for most solutions within the TaxModel suite.
Transfer pricing Software Solution
Transfer pricing Software Solution TaxInterco for split P&L and margin analysis, value and supply chain display and for building documentation. TaxInterco can help/assist you with the following subjects:
  • Insight in current intercompany flows
  • Graphical interfaces for group legal charts, value chain and supply chain
  • Masterfile building documentation wizard and quick extraction of country files
  • Financial (impact) analyses and split P&L functions what-if optimization scenarios can be created
  • Ensuring compliance through preparing and storing documentation & audit trails
Data collection Software Solution: TaxQuestionnaire
TaxModel has released the new application: TaxQuestionnaire.
This application facilitates:
  • Easy data collection
  • Audit Trailing
  • Organizing and storing of all relevant tax data
  • Tax calender events
TaxQuestionnaire can be used for multi-purposes (e.g. for example transfer pricing interviews, data for year end reporting, due diligence data request, etc.) and it will be linked to all other TaxModel software applications.
TaxDataroom is an on-line repository of information that is to be used for the storing and distribution of documents. Most TaxModel software solutions will be linked to TaxDataroom so that all TaxTrails from the various solutions will automatically roll into TaxDataroom.

TaxDataroom represents one of the ultimate objectives of TaxModel, which is to bring its customers to a desired due diligence readiness level on a real-time basis.
TaxCalendar is a software solution that automates the process of due date monitoring and the tracking of tax (or other) related activities to reduce the risk of missing critical deadlines. TaxCalendar has a nice graphical interface and is easy to set up and simple to use for any of your recurring or one-off projects.
Tax Accounting Software Solution
Tax Planning Software Solution
Tax Dashboard Software Solution
KYC Data Software Solution
Data Collection Software Solution
Transfer Pricing Software Solution
Tax Dataroom Software Solution
Tax Calendar Software Solution
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Allies & Network
TaxModel is always looking for parties to co-create within and outside the financial sector. Here you will find our inspiring allies we are succesfully co-creating with at this moment.
  • Our Allies >

Tax professionals network
We are independent and therefore happy to partner and co-create with any of your local advisors. If you do not have a local advisor / specific (local) expertise available, we offer you our extensive network of creative people on your preferred basis. You could think of valuation experts, tax accountants, transactional tax experts, employee benefit advisors, customs, VAT specialists, supply chain specialists etc. We have a culture of transparency and openness: wherever possible, we share our processes, our work and the thinking behind it.
PresenceAtWork is a collective leadership consultancy. PAW's focus is on authenticity, presence, leading from the collective and leading from the emerging future. PAW builds new, differentiated competencies that are essential for sustainability in today’s increasingly complex business environment.
BDO is a global top-five accounting firm, boasting more than 2,000 skilful and experienced employees in the Netherlands. The Dutch firm is a member of the global BDO network of autonomous and independent firms that provide professional services under the BDO label. BDO Netherlands is working as a non-exclusive preferred implementer of our TaxForecast application.
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